May 18 2008

The best part about coming home

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Yeah, coming back home has been pretty tough. But it’s also ruled. Why? I have awesome people in my life. Without them, these past couple weeks of re-immersion would have been nearly impossible.

In honor of them, I’ve decided to post snippets of the conversations and emails I’ve enjoyed upon my return.


Pretty much daily since I’ve been home:

Mom: I’m so glad you’re home. Don’t EVER DO THAT AGAIN.


Phone call from mom… pretty much daily since I’ve been home:

Brittany: Hello?

Mom: You answered! I called and you answered. Isn’t this great?

Brittany: Yes, mom. You need anything?

Mom: No.

My phone rings, five minutes later…

Brittany: Hi, mom.

Mom: You answered again! I just like hearing your voice. This is so great!

Brittany: Okay, this is has got to stop.


E-mail from friend, Taylor:

I don’t think you need to feel sad at all. Because, for one thing, when you are Brittany, you never REALLY know what the day will bring, right? Who knows what you could trip over, or what you will find on sale at Gap.

…Besides, you never know what’s going to happen. Ten years ago, when you were sitting on the floor beside our lockers mooching Ben’s Cokes and my sandwiches at lunch time, did you have even the faintest tiniest sliver of an idea that you would be where you are right now?

So in ten more years, who knows where you will be. Maybe, like, THE MOON.


Finally seeing Taylor in person, upon walking in the room:

Taylor: OH MY GOD, you’re a different color!


Calling the grandparents. Part of “Nana” played by elderly woman with thick, Southern accent:

Brittany: Hey, Nana!

Hey Brittany… you back on this side yet?


Dad, upon overhearing a conversation between me and mom on the way back from the airport:

Dad: Wait, where was this?

You know, the homestay we did in Cambodia.

Dad: [blank stare]

Brittany: We wrote about it on the blog.

Dad: [blank stare]

Brittany: You didn’t read my blog??

Dad: Well… I read some of it.

Brittany: You mean to tell me that strangers all over the world keep up with my blog and my own father doesn’t?!?!

[awkward pause]… your car needs brakes.

Thanks, Dad


A phone call with my sister:

Brittany: The dreaded time has come! I’m coming over to get all the clothes you stole from my closet.

Lindsay: I didn’t steal THAT MUCH, okay? Just a few things for work.

Brittany: That’s fine, whatever. Have you seen my gray hoodie?

Lindsay: Yeah… okay, I’m wearing it.


E-mail from friend, Allison:

Welcome home! You should shower daily.

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  1. Yasmineon 26 May 2008 at 11:32 pm

    And now you must come to New York so you can relive the culture while still drinking the tap water!

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